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Throughout the ages, flowers and herbs have been assigned meanings to convey feelings or secret messages.

So if I were to make a bouquet up to tell you about myself, it would have in it:

Erica Heath flower in white - Fulfillment of a dream

Lily of the Valley flower - Return of happiness

Honeysuckle - Devotion

Thyme - Courage, thriftiness

Cosmos - Joy in love and life

Amaryllis - Pride 

Cytisus - Humility

Phlox - Are souls are united (for my love Daniel) 

Dahlia and Daisies for my Mum 

Sunflowers for my sister Sarah

My need for creativity and love for nature has started my journey as a florist. In my work I hope to bring you and myself happiness through the gift that is the beauty of natures creations, art and love.

Thank you for thinking of flowers by Erica Lilli and I look forward to creating for your special day.


Erica xx 

I would love to talk to you about your wedding flowers.

Design Intention 

See what is important to me when creating for you ......

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